About Lucidview

Marketing Testing has always been a fundamental tool in the search for new opportunities and greater profitability in direct marketing, retail, Internet, CRM and advertising programs.

Multivariable Mosaic Testing brings analytics to a new level—offering faster, more accurate and deeper insight into what truly drives customer response and marketing effectiveness.

Spectacular performance follows by leveraging brainpower, integrating cutting-edge techniques and streamlining the marketing process. 

Learn about our unique approachthe power of scientific multivariable testing, and how other market leaders have achieved spectacular performance.

Now part of the Artestry collective (www.artestry.com), LucidView was established to bring cutting-edge scientific testing techniques from academia to the “front lines” of the marketplace.

After testing thousands of variables in hundreds of tests for dozens of market leaders, we have refined the statistics and streamlined a strategy to help real-world marketers uncover in-depth, accurate insights with the speed and low cost the competitive landscape demands.

Consultants work with your in-house marketing teams and their agencies to plan, develop, execute and analyze in-market tests; measure advertising effectiveness; and identify new ways to increase marketing ROI.

We work to integrate our approach within your current marketing and testing programs, so you can focus on what you do best while we take care of the technical details.