Getting Started


After discovering the benefits and potential of scientific marketing testing, the next step is to find a partner than can help walk your team through the steps of testing to ensure you are receiving the most accurate data to improve your ROI. At LucidView, we know this partnership is important and will work with your team to ensure your business is making the best decision for their testing needs.


Next Steps

1.  Review your options – find a campaign for your first project

Prior to making a commitment, Lucid View experts will walk you through the costs and benefits of scientific testing and help you choose a program that will benefit from testing. Our experts will help you focus on a program with:

  • High potential ROI (a large, strategically-significant program)
  • Fast data (results come in relatively quickly)
  • Flexible execution (you can create multiple versions of the vehicle)
  • Ideas for improvement (your ideas drive the whole process)

We will discuss the options and help you decide where to begin testing. Options include:

  • E-mail or Internet tests with speed, flexibility and low production costs
  • Catalog or direct mail tests with greater potential ROI
  • Retail tests to increase marketing impact at the point of sale
  • Advertising tests to increase the profitability of various channels

2.  Find an experienced guide

Like marketing itself, testing looks easy when done well. With many technical and management details that impact ROI, it is important to have guidance. Lucid View specialists are experts in the statistics of marketing testing. We will work to streamline the testing process and support your marketing team through each step of the testing process.

3.  Implement your testing strategy

Scientific marketing testing is the most efficient, powerful and profitable way to test. Each mailing and promotion offers another chance to develop new strategies to increase sales and competitive advantage, and Lucid View wants to help. What campaigns are planned for the next few months? Which have the flexibility to test many new ideas? Do they have the potential to achieve a big return? We want to help you increase sales, starting with your next campaign!

Contact us today to learn about the statistics of scientific marketing testing and how we can help you increase your ROI and success of your marketing tests.