Scientific testing provides the power to see the marketplace more clearly.

Managing the Test = guiding the process from start-to-finish

An experienced testing consultant allows your marketing team to focus on what they do best. A consultant streamlines the process so the technical complexity does not impede progess, and guides the team through the detailed execution. Lucid View experts have a solid understanding of marketing programs, experience with sophisticated statistics, and skills in leading teams from start-to-finish. In particular, a Lucid View testing consultant will:

  1. Leverage your team’s skills and ideas

    Your team willshould be given the creative freedom to test what you want, with minimal constraints. An experienced guide will give you the freedom to leverage your expertise, assist in focusing it on the best test elements, and work diligently to remove any barriers standing in the way of success.

  2. Simplify the statistics

    A Lucid View testing consultant will simplify complex concepts and make statistics accessible to every marketer on your team. Clear charts and pictures are more easily interpreted than analytics and statistics. An expert will translate the results and answer any questions your team might have.

  3. Hasten the process

    Effective testing involves many details that must fit together perfectly to achieve an optimal outcome. Testing consultants understand all of the details while ensuring the process moves as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  4. Increase your ROI

    The main goal of a Lucid View testing consultant is to help your company realize the potential of every test and ultimately increase you ROI.  Through the selection of test elements and levels, the choice of test design, test execution, and the analysis of results, an experienced guide will walk you through each step.